After formatting four times, a Maxtor diamondmax 9 6Y080MO using
MSI-PM8M2-V motherboard with a celeron D 2.93, the hard drive is not recgonized to reinstall XP home. What can be done for Windows to see the HD.

Here's another problem: I have two 6Y080MO HD's. I have one running on a MSI-6178LM motherboard with 850Plll. I went to swap to the above MSI-PM8M2-V motherboard. I received a page to start windows normally...I tried numerous ways to get it to work the motherboard would not accept the HD. Is there a way to swap HD's from one computer to another?
After going through that I put the HD back and now it's making some noise...I'm thinking it's damaged now!

My intentions where to take the HD from MSI-6178LM which has all my vital info on...to the other system to have two 80gb HD in the same computer.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks, Steve

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Is that a SATA drive?
You need to "Press F6" during the install to install the SATA drivers.


Is that a SATA drive?
You need to "Press F6" during the install to install the SATA drivers.


Yes I have a SATA drive.

At the start of program download a option for F6 is used for SCSI or RAID drivers. Nothing for SATA.

Using the F6 option a window opened for the option for SCSI, CD-ROM or other special disk controllers that require a manufacturer disk.

I got this HD from a relatives computer...I reformatted and installed XP without any problems.

Thanks for the response. Steve


So this problem is solved?
The F6 trick is required to use SATA drives on most older boards.

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