I have a laptop with a Realtek HD Audio driver, tho im not sure what kind of sound card i have, it wont give me a definite name... anyway im pretty sure i wont get "true" 5.1 sound on this thing, but i was also wondering if i would be able to plug in the speakers in the first place. If i were to buy http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Surround-Sound-Speaker-System/dp/B000UEH5HC/ref=dp_cp_ob_e_title_2 would i be able to just plug it into my regular sound port? or do i need something special? I have 2 sound jack ports (same type, just 2 of them, like where the green goes into) and a microphone port. do i need anything more or should i be okay?
please help, and thanks!

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it's all your wish that what you are going to use but i would suggest you for wire less system.
of course you can use it and it's good.

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