I brought my Presario 2500 to Africa with me where my wife and I are doing some work. It sat for a few weeks, while we were getting things settled. I tried to turn it on and the screen will not turn on at all. I tried replacing the CMOS battery, but accidently broke the holder for the CMOS battery. When I turn on the computer all the lights come on as well as the cd rom. I don't know what else to try. The CMOS is not currently attached. Can a computer screen run with out that battery? What might the problem be, knowing that the problem started before the CMOS battery was accidently removed?

Maybe the screen has gone. Can you get hold of a VGA cable to connect your laptop to a monitor?
Even if the screen is gone the rest of the laptop may work fine; at least this way you can test to see if anything else is wrong.

I have tried this, but have been unsuccessful in getting any image.

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