Ok, I just replaced my ancient MoBo and 1.4 AMD CPU with a AMD 64 2800 and a ABIT NF8 MoBo. Problem is, after I hook up the powersupply I get a red light on the MoBo, but when I hit the power switch on the case I get nothing. No fans, no beeping, nothing. To make sure it wasn't my power supply or power switch I dropped my old Mobo and CPU back in the case and everything is working just fine.

What could the problem be?

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Sounds like you have the power switch connected wrong...

Disconnect all the other wires, reset, leds and such and work with just the power switch.

Make sure you find and work from pin 1 and not just by the orientation of a picture in the manual.

Looking at the manual for that the correct pins would be

::::. .:.: I

3rd and 4th fron the rear of the case on the row of pins farthest from the edge of the board

If you have that right I would pull all the cards except the video card and try to boot it...
I would also be suspicious of the ram...
Is this reused from another system...
Did you buy it with this system...
Are you sure this ram will work in this system...

thanks for the advice thong inspector

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