Would anyone happen to know if the Ultra X-Connect 500Watt Power Supply is any good? Is Ultra good with Power Supply? This is the one where you plug only the cables you need. I was just wondering is anyone had any comments on this product.

I've also been looking at this PS and I might buy one in a couple of weeks. I also think it would be great to have some feedback on this before I buy.

You can see the PS here

im interested in this too...i love having a clean looking case inside :)

Belama, your picture doesn't work but by the link you gave, this is the one I was looking at. They also have it in different colors too which is cool. (Blue, Gray, Green). They also have some where you can see inside.

Nice pictures. It really shows the difference from a regular power supply.

I ordered the Power Supply and should arrive in 4 to 5 days. when I'll get it I will tell ya what I think of it.

I'll probably be buying it soon too.

ive read a few places that people have been having problems after a few months that they are dieing. Has anybody heard anything like this? If im going to spend a $100 bucks on a new powersupply i want it to last as well.

I'd personally choose an Antec NeoPower or an OCZ ModStream if I was to purchase a modular PSU, not one from a little known manufacturer. Antec and OCZ have a reputation for manufacturing quality product.

Yes, I've seen instances where problems have cropped up from the use of XConnect PSUs, but then I've also seen glowing reports about them from people who've bought them and are happy with it.

I've gambled and will give news if any problems arise.

I've received my XConnect PSU. Its great! Easier to connect than the original finger busting connectors, good looking and well priced. I've also installed 2 UV cold cathode lights and 2 new UV reactive IDE cables. Its a lightshow!

You can see a picture of it in my profile.

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