I am in huge problem, when i opened my laptop, suddenly a instruction pop up stating me to press ctrl+Alt Delete to restart but it doesn't opened my laptop. i don't want to format my computer.

Please help

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Based on what you've said, the next step after opening the laptop and you see the Ctrl+Alt+Del message, press and hold for about 3 seconds your power switch to force the laptop off.

Then turn on and let it boot normally or into the Windows option screen.

If it then doesn't boot into either Safe Mode or normally, you have a problem that needs to be fixed using the Windows Repair functions on the Windows CD/DVD from which you can also boot.


There is no need for you to format.. u can boot up with your XP cd and and either u can repair it.. or u go till the installatiion part and at the time when it asks for selecting the type of installation i.e. FAT or NTFs quick format or firmat. u can find an option "Leave the current system intact".. now u specify a different drive and a folder.. now relax.. windows get installed in the drive u specified....

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