Hello everyone!
I've really big problem with my external disc. I have two of them (Transcend StoreJet 25M, one of them is mine and other is my father's), same size, bought at the same time.
Last nigh my dad reinstalled Windows Vista on his Toshiba laptop, and did a stupid thing, he partitioned discs with his Transcend plugged in. Since then his external Transcend disc is read as local hard drive. Later he plugged my Transcend into his laptop (several time) and same thing happened. The problem is that discs are shown as local, on both his and mine laptops and our PC, and we cannot read any data, computer stops responding if you try to access discs.
I can see it in Device Manager under Disc Drives label, but cannot access data, cannot safely remove it, nothing.
Both discs are full with very important data and I really don't know what to do, please help!

Are you saying no matter which computer you connect the hard drives too they can't be read?

Try going into disc management and tell us what is there for the external hardrives.

I would recommend using a linux live CD the get the contents if we can't solve your problem.

That's right... My friend helped me to solve the problem via Linux, but if this happens to Windows only users your data are history. I will mark this as solved