Hello, Im having some strange problems with my keyboard, and mouse :S

Randomly, when I am typing or highlighting, i encuonter this problem:

Everything is in Caps, when I try typing numbers it shows the symbols, I cannot de-highlight things after I have higlighted them, when I click a link it opens in a new window (this happens on every link), when I use my scroll wheel it scrolls back and forth between web pages.
I have also tried to re-install my keyboard drivers

Oh and another thing, sometimes my numlock light starts to flash randomly and my keyboard stops working until it stops flashing (This only happens with numlock)

Any help is much appreciated, thanks :)


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Very wierd. Is this a keyboard and mouse duo you bought seperately from your PC?

I have a strange problem like this with my notebook keyboard. Someone suggested changing the keyboard and another reminded me I could plug another one in the back of the notebook. I used the second method and, voila! the second keyboard works like a charm.

Since I´ve never come close to liquids in my computer room, it isn´t moisture, so I suspect the problem with the original keyboard is just corrosion, as I have lived in a high smog environment with this computer and it´s a few years old.

So, I suggest trying a different keyboard and see if that doesn´t do the trick...

Ok guys, thanks for the help, Ill report back asap :)

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