Well, I have no idea what I am doing, except that I'm trying to scan a document from my printer and Vista doesn't seem to have the Fax and Scan option.

I did a search online, chose this site and here I am.

I also have never been on any forum of this kind. But I'm branching out and giving new things a try.

I am definitely in the wrong place. I looked at some of the "threads" which is a new term for me, and found I am way over my head.

I am a 61 year old semi-retired woman. I just moved to Maui, HI from Seattle, WA. With the children grown and gone, I decided I could make a decision for myself, rather than what was best for my children.

YEARS AGO, I actually studied and completed 60 credits of computer science. I actually loved it. But the story goes like this.

I'm an accountant. One day many years ago, a computer appeared on my desk. I asked, "So what am I supposed to do with this?" My boss said, "I don't know, you figure it out."

The computer and I had a staredown for about a week. Then, I decided to sign up for some classes at a local business college, just to learn how to turn the darn thing on. Before I realized it, I was learning how to program in basic, RPG, COBOL, etc. I found that I absolutely loved programming.

It didn't teach me how to turn the computer on, or how to run the software, but it did succeed in making me not afraid of a "machine"
It also made me much more efficient in determining software functionality and possible workarounds that we could use.

Anyway. That's my computer story. The rest about me is I am an eclectic music lover, mostly jazz, but R & P, Country, even some Classical are in my repetoire of music.

I would rather listen to music that watch tv, unless of course, it is a reality show. I used to call myself a Reality Show Junkie, but I've been in reality tv recovery this last year and am try to stay "clean".

It's going to be hard though. American Idol is coming up. I only watched a few episodes of So You Think You Can Dance. And then only peeked at America's got talent finale.

Sol there are some things about me. I think of some more later if the brain cells will come of with some.

By the way, What are tags?

So any help on the scan issue?

Which scan issue is that?

EDIT. Never mind. I found your other thread and merged them together.
I will move you to the correct forum :).