the keyboard is not recognised either in the ps/2 port or the USB!

the keyboard is not recognised either in the ps/2 port or the USB!

hi, first you need to figure out if its the keyboard or the computer , try the keyboard in another computer to see if it works in it !

irq fault change the setting in bios as restore default it may solve your problem after that the prblm continue then enable p/s2 and usb keyboard in bios setting IT MAY SOLVE YOUR PRBLM


I posted this reply on a similar thread and this worked well :


This USB keyboard problem in Windows can often happen after spyware scan / removal.

You will need to check the registry keyboard filters.

I had this problem recently on a customers machine and this fixed it. You will have to go into regedit to edit a registry key.

Caution - take care when editing registry as serious problems can be caused by deleting data here - best to make a backup first before performing any changes.

Now since the keyboard is not functioning you will have to type using the on-screen keyboard feature in XP with :

Start – programs – accessories – accessibility – on-screen keyboard.

Then to run regedit go :

Start - run and then type regedit.

Then navigate to the following :

Here is the main keyboard registry key :


( i.e. this should be the one which applies to the keyboard )

There should be only one entry in the Value Name : “Upperfilters” and the “Value Data” should be “kbdclass”

There may be an additional value called “sskbfd” which is the Spy Sweeper keyboard filter driver, or some other values in there for that keyboard key.

Delete out any others so that only “kbdclass” exists as the multi-string value data.

Then after a XP reboot all should be fine - device manager should now show the keyboard driver and this device is working properly, so no more error codes, and normal typing should be possible.

Hope this works

All the best