About a week ago, i started playing around with an Ubuntu live cd that i had. The cd was the latest version (Feisty Fawn) and after a while i decided to install it. I was feeling rather enthusiastic and didn't think that much could go wrong so i proceeded with the installation without backing up any of my data (i know, i am an idiot).

Well, a lot did go wrong. The start of the installation started out fine and Ubuntu finished partitioning my hard drive and proceeded to install Ubuntu to the new partition. At 66% through the installation, my cd drive stopped working properly and the installation came to a halt. during the installation, Ubuntu had been running as the operating system through the cd. So, of course when the cd drive stopped working, the whole system basically imploded on itself.

I restarted the machine and found that i got and os error message when i tried to boot windows from the hdd. so i then tried to boot Ubuntu off the live cd but also got an error message when that tried to boot. Finally, i managed to find a Windows XP boot disk lying around and tried to boot off that but i got a blue screen and error message as well.

The next day, i sent my computer to a data doctor to see if he could retrieve any of the files, and he couldn't as the Ubuntu installation had managed to corrupt the whole hdd. Any way, he installed a new hdd with XP on it and also a new ram stick because apparently my old one was corrupt also.

So, i got my computer back, connected it, and urned it on. The machine started up (LEDs, cpu fan spinning, hdd spinning ect...) but the was no video output - i got a blank screen.

I had a agp video card connected (ati 9600 pro) so i tried disconnecting that and connecting the monitor straight to the mother board and using th integrated graphics which didn't work either. I had a spare ram stick lying about so i swapped it with the one in the computer but still got the blank screen. i also reset the bios a couple of times but that still didn't work.

I have no idea what to do.

Please help me.

it might be best to start over..... that is to say, you might want to build a whole new computer. the theory i have, is that your power supply died taking your cd drive, ram, mobo, and possibly you cpu with it. woundn't be the first time it's happened. in fact, power supply failures are the most common cause of computer troubles.

I personally dont think it was my PSU as the whole computer kept running, but as the system was in the middle of an installation and had no operating system, it froze. I physically had to turn the computer off.

But, i downloaded the manual for my mother board and disconnected everything, and reconnected everything exactly according to the manual and now i get BIOS but the computer still wont boot windows.

check your bios to verify that the mobo recognizes the hd, make sure that it is the primary boot device

hi deeluxx, so from you story the blank screen happens only during OS loading (i assume)because you can see the BIOS...try the suggestion of madovervlocker check if your hdd can be detected.. if it can be detected then maybe you need to re-install your OS all over again.. or try booting up a bootable disc check if it will boot properly .. pls. post back..