Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble and have an odd question.

I start up the PC, it asks the "Start the Computer Normally, Start in Safe Mode..." blah blah, you know what screen I am talking about. Whichever option I choose, it'll take me to the screen as if it'll load up. Then all of the sudden I get a blue screen with white text that says something about "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME"

I looked online for a solution and found one by putting in a windows xp boot disk, going to the recovery option and then typing in theses commands :

chkdsk /p

and then Select yes, by hitting Y ... here's the kicker ... the 'b' button on my keyboard is broken, the only one on the keyboard that doesn't work, usually I use the on-screen keyboard but clearly in the recovery section it is dos-type prompt style and I am unable to use the on-screen keyboard. Any idea how I can type the command fixboot with a broken b button?

Any help is appreciated ... Thanks so much in advance.

Use another keyboard which works?

I have a seperate keyboard for a laptop but how would I be able to use that on my laptop without booting windows. Can I just plug in the usb for the keyboard and it will work or is there another way?

The keyboard is actually for a desktop and has a plug that won't plug into my laptop. Any other ideas?

Get a USB keyboard. (a cheap one is under $10) It should work with a laptop.

Or an adapter? If you are so determined to use the keyboard you have.