I have a problem at my home PC, i just started to have this problem
2 days ago, when I turn on the power button on the PC, the orange
light turns on and off on the power button but the PC doesnot start.
When I opened the casing, the motherboard lights were on and the
power supply fan was not working.

I showed this computer to a hardware shop and the person told me that there must be something wrong with either Power Supply or
Processor, but how could it be a problem with a Processor if the Power Supply isn't working.
What I understand from this is that the power button on the casing is not connected with the Power Supply,the power button is not passing the signals to the Power Supply.

Can anyone suggest what could exactly be the problem?


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Any shop can test this PS and tell you immediately if it's defective.
They are inexpensive and easy to replace.


Test the PSU first to find out if it is faulty.

Reseat the CPU and the power connector to the mainboard may help!

Hope this helps!

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