I do not know what to say but I bought a HP laptop some years ago that is accompanied with HP (Hewlett-Packard) recovery DVDs which is for Vista recovery. However, I am moving away from vista and no longer needs the recovery DVD. I am thinking of formatting the write-protected DVD but I cannot. I tried use command line and go to D drive to change the attributes of the DVD.

The command line is attrib -s -h -r *.*/s.

It did not work initially and I change it to:

D:\>attrib -s -h -r /s

It shows a list of files with Access denied in front of the file. Something like this:

Access denied - D:\boo.mgr

Is there any ways to format that unwanted Hewlett-Packard recovery DVD??

there is no way you can do this...

I honestly can't see the point of wanting to do this. Who knows what is goning to happen to what ever OS you are using. Considering How much it costs to buy vista you may aswell keep it.

- If you really want to get rid of the disc just snap it and bin it, but I think it would be a complete waste.

Nah, I solved my problem without having to erase the OS. Anyway, I am using Windows 7 so I dun see the need to use Vista anymore. Probably because I used that freaking slow vista for so long, that when I am exposed to a slightly faster OS, I would say that the new OS (Windows 7) is fast. Psychological effect. zzz