I have a codirect USB 128MB thumbdrive. Windows 2000 recognizes the drive when I connect it as I can read and write to the drive with no problems. My problem is I cannot safely remove this drive. When I click on the remove/stop hardware icon in the task bar, I only see the floppy A drive on the list. The thumbdrive or "e" drive is not listed. When I remove the thumbdrive, I get a message stating the drive was not properly stopped. Ant help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Would right clicking on the drive icon give you an option to shut it down?


when i right click the drive from my computer, it allows me to eject it. the icon disapperas but when i unplug the flashdrive, i still get the message window that i unsafely removed the device.....

Just ignore it.

I know it's a little cumbersome to have that box pop up after removing the pen drive, but it's mainly because 2k sucks at handling stuff like that.

Don't like the popup? Use XP instead. I know it's not a true fix, but it's better than 2k in this regard.

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