hi all,

i am building a new computer for a friend and im using old parts from that dinky old thing that are still usable (its a windows 95 computer) :eek: like floppy, cd drive etc..
and im wondering if the old power supply unit is still usable? its 250 i think and i wanna use it wiv a computer updated to xp standards

what do ppl reckon? thanks for reading ;)

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Definitely replace it, in my view. there would be a good likelihood that the old unit would comply to the AT standard rather than the current ATX standard, in any event, and would be unsuitable. But regardless, I'd not advise reusing a power supply unit ahat old.


kool thanks catweazel :) ill buy a 400W one or sumthin instead from www.scan.co.uk,
do u kno this site? im livin in the uk btw so this is probably not 1 u would use as its a uk company


When considering a power supply purchase, one should know how many watts their total consumtion requirements. The video graphics card and the processor chip are the two biggest consumers. There's a good primer about power supplies available which may help you better understand this and they even provide a chart of typical power requirement for the various components. Go to: http://computer.howstuffworks.com/power-supply.htm

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