I turned on my computer today and the second hard drive starting to make a clicking noise. It did not want to load Windows for some reason. I have removable drive bays because I am constantly removing my drives for other drives. I switch the bay in the chassis of the computer and put a new one. Now it is working fine, but I wanted to start this thread to see if this has happened to anyone and should I remove the files before it's too late? I did all the tests that I needed to do.

I have a WD40GB.

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Yes. Clicking noises from drives most likely indicate the drive is failing.

Now it's fine, but basically salvage want I want and get another and wait for this one to fail?

I'd not personally trust necessary data to a suspect drive. I'd backup now to CD or DVD, and then wait to see if the clicking has gone for good or if the drive really IS going to fail.

If it was clicking problem then you need to backup what you need ASAP, I had a problem with one Hd I was working on, and I think the stepping motor in went bad, I can't remember, but you need to replace the drive, because it may not last much longer.

We had one where the drive was dropped. One bakelite disk platter shattered. The remains kept hitting the disk head arm, keeping the other disks from being read.

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