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Restart the machine and try again.

If that doesn't work, jam a straightened paperclip into the small hole on the front of it to eject the tray. Take out your media (if present) and try to operate the tray using the button. If the button doesn't work, restart the machine again and it should be back to behaving normally.


Which drive are you refering to?

I suppose that would have been a good, logical first question to ask. I jumped right in with the idea that it was a removable media drive. Upon reread, it sounds like the directory/file list/what-have-you isn't opening (displaying) when he clicks on it.

If that's the case, OP, what operating system, etc. are you using?


A better description of the problem usually gets a more useful reply.

- Let us know what you are referring to as it will help us come to a solution.


my drive cannot open on double click.pls help me & solve the problem

hi,so many of these post lately that make apsolutly no sence ,probably by the same person or group of people please tell me what kick you are getting out of it ! so annoying ,and they seem to get more help than ones that make sence .lol

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