For what ever reason my computer keeps shutting itself off and I have no idea why. It might be the power supply It's a 380W supply and I'm running Windows Vista. I'll post the other specs for it later after I get done with work.

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Have you added in any extra hardware just before this problem started happening?

It sounds as if it could be the power supply however there are any number of reasons as to what the exact problem with it is but most can be solved with a larger/newer PSU.

I would suggest purchasing at least a 450W power supply as vista is a bit of a power hog especially with all the extra hardware required to run it.


A) No I haven't installed any new hardware. Just Flash and a bunch of games.

B) Here is what the computer is.......

66B - MicroFlex 66B

Mid Tower Black ATX Case with 380W power supply

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 (2.2 Gigs)

2048MB DDR II Memory

250GB Serial ATA 7200 RPM hard drive

Mitsumi FA402A 7 in 1 Media Drive (1.44 Floppy and CF/MD/SM/SD/MMC/MS Card reader)

16X Dual Layer (8.5GB) Multi Format DVD Burner

On Board 10/100/1000 Network Card

Microsoft Internet Keyboard and Optical Mouse

Intel High Definition Audio subsystem Nvidia GeForce 7100 with Turbo Cache support 512MB

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

Is it overheating?

Running aero under vista causes my PC to generate as much as it did when I played FarCry under XP, causing it to power off

Hi Crulex,

Check your processor, if the heatsink is not properly connected, it will cause the processor to overheat, and shutdown u'r computer.. or you might have installed some software that causes your system to shutdown..hope this help..

No I know it isn't any software beacuse it's been doing it in Safe mode as well.

try to cheng fan for your processor its work with me

hi crulex,

I've encountered a problem before, my pc keeps restarting but it works well in safe mode.. i just to uninstall some software and it works fine again..try to uninstall the last software that you load to your might cause the problem...

hi crulex,

check if there is no loss connection on your data cables..just try..

change cooling fan of processor

At first it sounded like a virus like the Blaster Worm which causes a denial of service and shuts off your computer. But you state it also happens in the safe mode as well so I guess that would be unlikely.
I have the Microflex 66B as well, different power supply.
If you can keep your computer on long enough, I would recommend you download and install Intel Desktop Utilities for your DP965LT motherboard. This will monitor your power supply voltages, computer temperatures and fan speeds and give you an alarm if outside of normal perameters. Also I would install the latest bios for your motherboard, the latest versions provided better fan control for the heat sink fan. Just for grins go ahead and run a virus scan. Lastly I would call Micro Express Tech support. Your computer comes with a 2 year warranty and unlimited phone support.

Mike G.

Its a dell problem. I have the same thing on my dimesnion 5150. Try the latest BIOS flash, that fixed it for me.

i would do what many others have sugested 1st change out the cpu
cooling fan
another check might be to check and see it heatsink is clipped on correctly

I have a similar problem. When i turn the pc on the screen stays black and i get a constant bleeping sound. No matter how long i wait it never starts up. Please help anyone, I use windows xp

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