Hey guys, I am having some issues with my PC. My main drive with my OS is SATA, as well as my DVD-RW. As of this morning, I received a "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" message when trying to turn on my computer. I checked my BIOS and the drive is not visible. I then tried to install the OS again on a new drive temporarily but my DVD-RW is not registering either. It is almost as if both SATA devices are not responding. I am using a Gigabyte motherboard with a Seagate 500GB hard drive and Lite-On DVD-RW. Please help.

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first thing i would try is set bios /setup to defaults and unplugging and reconnecting the sata cables ,

Firstly you just check your power supply.your system power create fluctuation then your Operating system automatically corrupt. just check your SMPS.

This is only happen when your SATA port is misplaced.

1. if your SATA cable damaged or breaked.
2. SATA port not detect by your BIOS/Motherboard.
3. Check your connection of both SATA wire ended are connected correctly.
4. Reset yout BIOS with Jumper setting.

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