ive recently purchased a pinnacle mdeia centre 300i for my pc and have installed the card with no hitches... however im now finding that the sound is really distorted when listening to music.. the PCI digital and analogue TV card is attched to the onboard sound card (which sucks and im gettin a new one soon - infact advice on which one would be nice...lol im some what of a noob to audio but i love a decent sounding system).

I thought i had blown my speakers to begin with but then realised that these were logitech z5500 speakers and with 550 watts of output i dont think i could have blown them (also i tried listening to audio through the optical input and it sounded fine) its really frustrating because i love my music and it sounds awful! was wonderin if anyone knows what the answer is.. would be much appreciated!



Sounds as if the onboard sound card is not up to scratch, if you have s mall budget then get something like Aureon 5.1 fun. This will give you plenty of power and 5.1 sound which sounds like what the speackers you have are. Also them Speaker are nice wish i had them :).

Anyway, sound like the sound card.

Good luck!