I am having Dell laptop Vostro 1500. Two years old.
One bad day , While i Click the Power ON button in the laptop, the LED s are blinked and went OFF.
I tried the same with direct without battery(by connecting charger pin)..
But the same problem continuing..
Another one when I Switch ON the laptop with the charger cable, the adapter LED also went OFF..
Somebody saying its MotherBoard Problem.. But i am not wish to change my motherboard,.. Bcoz a new motherboard may costs the 75% of new laptop..
Is there any other solution?

Can anyone advice me plz..

It does sound like a mobo problem with the electrical feed to battery and mobo.
can you get any response by even tryijnhg to get to the bios (pressing F2 or del or whatever?)
if not then it look very mucxh like a power supply to the mobo. and as this is often integrated (logically)with the charger on the mobo....!
If you are very competenatg and can put a meter across some of the termainals inside tghe comptuer you may be able to see if there is a voltage at the MOBO for the various supplies that it needs!