Can someone out there direct me to some good tutorials that aren't too geekish which will show me how to go about setting up my computer in a RAID configuration and also how to go about hyperthreading?


You don't need any tutorials for "hyperthreading" Cal unless you actually plan to start programming threaded applications. Otherwise, all you need to do is......well, do what you always do. Hyperthreading is designed to make multi-tasking a little quicker without any special actions on your part - it's all automated. As an extreme example, fire up an intensive 3D game then alt-tab to Windows and start flicking through a PDF document. A rather pointless exercise but it does demonstrate the extra bit of performance HT provides.

As for setting up RAID, are you sure you want to? Do you have 2 identical hard drives? Do you want a RAID0 configuration (granting extra performance but complete disaster if one drive dies) or RAID1 (one drive is a mirror of the other but you lose the capacity of a drive for complete backup)? Does your motherboard support other RAID configs? A search using these forums or even google should turn up some more information if you're still interested.