I built my computer around 6 months ago and it was running just fine untill about 2 weeks ago. Before these problems started I hadn't made any hardware changes for well, right around 6 months so I doubt that has anything to do with it.

When the problems started I got the blue screen of death(really hate getting that in XP <_<), so I restarted since it was the first time I had seen it and that's when I really started having issues...

Since that blue screen I've been having issues with the computer just up and restarting on me while I'm trying to play my games... or it will freeze while trying to play.

At least one time I had a freeze occur, yet I was still able to move the mouse around... I thought this was strange seeing as how I had just restarted and I doubt the game would've frozen on me since it never has before.

At this point I'm able to get the computer up and running and use it for web browsing and talking on messengers for at least 30-60 minutes or so before it will go and freeze on me. Or if I try loading one of my games right after a restart it will freeze right while the game is loading.

So far I've gone through and tried finding out exactly what the problem is on my own but I'd love to get some other peoples opinions on it.

I've run a virus scan... Nothing
HDD is just fine...
RAM is just fine... Swapped it out and popped in a good stick and it started freezing when I booted it up this morning(had put it in standby)
No hardware changes for at least 4-5 months
Fans are clean and I've been running the machine with the side panel off
Normal case temp is around 28 degrees C and the CPU is normally at about 40-44 degrees C gets up to around 60 degrees C while running high end games

I'm starting to think there might be something wrong with the motherboard but I'd like to hear others opinions on this before I spend money on trying to fix this since I don't really have that much money to be throwing around to get it fixed... And if anyone would want more information about my system to better help then just list what you would want to know and I'll be sure to list it.

Hi Azhidaahaka,
from the information you gave.. I can't be absolutely sure.. but here's a place to start..
Something is using up all the resources & crashing your computer..it could be any (or all) of the following:
If you using Win XP SP2.. get the latest updates (the first one has a history of causing "freezes" similar to what you describe. :sad:
If that doesn't fix it.. then..
RE-Do a complete anti-virus check of your system with a DIFFERENT anti-virus program.. :sad:
If that doesn't fix it.. then..
You probably have a hardware problem related to one of the following: :sad: :sad:
> video card
> motherboard
> modem (if your playing online games when it freezes- you didn't say)
Hope this helps :)
ps- post back for more help if you need it.

Suppose I'll have to try some of those...
I am using SP2 and I'm not sure, but I think I have almost all the latest updates installed, I'll have to check to make sure.
Guess I'll have to track down some alternate anti-virus software to give that a try.
And I doubt it's a video card problem since I just put in a different one today and it's still freezing on me.
Then it's not really a modem, I'm using a ethernet card since I use DSL(and yes, the thing freezes when I try to play the games... normally can't get it to fully load before it freezes)...

Though it's hard to believe that it would be a low resource issue since I'm running 1GB of ram and don't normally go below 80% of it being free...

Hi again Azhidaahaka,
If you have done all the steps we talked about before .. AND.. done a comlpete hardware system troubleshooting (see my website) and checked EVERY component..step by step... then.. about the only thing left for you to check is some type of overheating issue... 60 C should be OK.. BUT you never know.. as the heat builds up it could cause a board/card component to partially "unseat" itself from the mobo. This type of heat failure can EASILY fool you because Once it cools back down.. the computer will function normally again untill it heats up again. The other type of "overheating" issue is if one of your components is just beginning to fail and only craps out on you when it gets up to a certain temperature. This is harder to find & mostly the only way you'll find it is by "swapping out" parts with "known good" components & testing the computer with each part as it heats up.
Hope this helps :)