I am probably getting the asus a8v deluxe. I am not really a gamer or anything like that. I am not planning on overclocking. This is an amd64 939 board. I don't want the greatest memory ever created. I just want something that will work with my board.

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My recommendation would be to go with 1Gb of memory over 512Mb.
Since you're not going to do any overclocking I wouldn't worry about going for some expensive ram, a generic dual channel kit should suffice.
If you want extra performance, you can try a low latency kit (2-2-2-5), this will give you a faster system, but you will pay for the performance.


That recommendation to use low latency RAM is a silly one in this situation. High performance (and very expensive) RAM modules are for enthusiasts and overclockers, and are a complete waste of money for general PC users!

I do agree that 1Gb of RAM is preferable to 512Mb nowadays, and I'd suggest that you purchase the budget or value lines from such manufacturers as Kingston, Geil, OCZ or Corsair. Avoid unbranded or rebadged 'generic' cheapies like the plague, as you have far more chance of incompatibilities with them. You will need PC3200 DDR RAM modules for your system.

Edit: By the way, even if you ARE such an enthusiast, paying a fortune for ultra-low latency RAM modules is a waste of money. Just purchase modules rated at a higher clockspeed, underclock them, and then tighten the timing settings. Cheaper and you get the same results ;)


I only mentioned the low latency as a sidetrack, I stand by my original statement of getting 1024Mb of PC3200.
I originally got a gig of A-DATA PC3200 and it was pretty good for what I was doing. Uses pretty old chips but will run 2.5-3-3-7 alright.
If you are wanting a good "value" ram, OCZ make some value stuff that uses the same ram chips as their VX ram, which is the bee's knees.
The only difference being that the value ram isn't hand tested to run at certain speeds/timings.
I think the part is OCZ4001024WV3DC-K.

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