I am looking for a fanless vid card. I have checked newegg and found several. What makes a vid card good? I don't do much gaming but a little. Nothing too extreme though. The biggest thing I do is a lot of video editing and my wife likes to watch some 3d visualizations when listening to music. I was looking at a pci-e with 256 mg and found some from gigabyte and I think powercolor. What is your opinion on this? Thanks.

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I have decided to go with a fan design mode with either the 7900 or 7950 GT. I still do want it to be as quiet as possible and some are quieter than others. Does anyone have any knowledge of card that does not whine as much as the others?


So I have heard from many that leadtek makes a pretty quiet one but at newegg they are out right now. Does anyone know about xfx?


You said you do light gamming, a little video editing, and your wife likes to watch 3d visualizations....

That card is overkill for what you do. It would be like getting a ferrari as a golf cart. Get one of the lower 7 series, still over kill but much better price to performance ratio.

But of coarse that all depends on what games you play when you do your "light" gamming. Do you play games such as Halo 1, or StarCraft, or do you play Call of Duty 2, Company of Heroes, and other modern games?

Plus, what are the rest of your system's specs? If the rest of your computer is too slow, then upgrading past a certain point for a graphics card is pointless

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