I hooked up a wireless D-link 524 kit for a friend. It says the indoor range is 328 ft. I have the other computer about 40 feet and it says the signal is from low to good but most of the time low. The antenna I am using for the other computer is a dwl usb antenna. I have it hooked up via a usb cable extension. The range is also stated at 328. I know that is only at ideal conditions but 40 ft should rate at least very good shouldn't it? What can I do?

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They make atenna boosters that can solve your problem.

But I would try and find the cause.

Possibly other devices in the house coordless phones etc that might be interfearing...

Is there any lead in the paint on the walls? Things like that will destroy the signal.


There are several cordless phones in the house along with a microwave. It is not that old of a house to have lead paint. I have the router mounted to the wall about 4 ft high.


Well I mean the coordless phones should not be interfearing THAT much....

Do this...Do you have a laptop with wireless card?

Walk it off... find out where signal is stronger then others then try and isolate the problem..

For example temporarily disconnect the phones etc etc see if it improves.

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