AMD Athlon 2200+
1.80 GHz

Current Video Adapter:
S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR. Is permanently attached to the motherboard.

Attempting to Install:
ATI Diamond Stealth S120 Radeon 9550 AGP Version

I have installed the card and its drivers but the computer won't accept it as the default graphics adapter. I think this is because it is conflicting with the S3 adapter which unfortunately is part of the motherboard and can't be removed. I have tried to uninstall the S3 adapter, but when I restart after uninstalling, it is still being used as the default. Judging from the system requirements of the new card, my computer supports it in every way.

Anyway, my question is, how can I disable an adapter that is part of the motherboard?

Or, if anyone has succesfully installed a new graphics card on their eMachines PC(One with a graphics adapter that's not removable), how did you do it?

This would be so much easier if they hadn't fused the default adapter to the motherboard :-|

Sorry, I just realised this is in the wrong forum. Could someone move it if possible?

you can most likely disable onboard video in the BIOS,or via a jumper on the motherboard

Can't enter the BIOS, unless someone knows how to disable BIOS Guardian.

I don't mean to sound ignorant, but what is a jumper?

sorry ,never heard of bios guardian ,a jumper is a little plastic,metal inside device[usually black or blue, about 1/8"in size ] use to open and close a group of pins on the board .
You nee the mothernoard manual ,if you don't have one ,try finding the manfactor and model of you board ,and search there site for one

Thanks for the info on the jumper. Will definitely try that out.

I got into the BIOS and searched through all the options. The option that I've seen on other computers(Primary Display/Video Adapter) isn't in there at all. Something tells me eMachines didn't wan't people installing new hardware in this model.

Would the jumper be near the adapter or located elsewhere on the board?

usually near the chipset ,but you cant guess at this ,get this PROGRAM go the motherboard section get the name and model # post it here ans ill search for a manual for it

Ironically, that program came with the installation CD for the new card.

Host Bridge -
VIA Apollo P/KM266

South Bridge -


My computer came with a manual for the board but it contains no information about the chipset and a lot of inaccurate information about the BIOS.

in there some where you will find info on disabling the onboard video ,

in there some where you will find info on disabling the onboard video ,

I tried the eMachines website in the product support FAQ section and they said that onboard video could be disabled via the jumpers, like you said. They had a list of motherboards, but none of them were the one I have.

From past experiences it is usually jumper J6 but not always

From past experiences it is usually jumper J6 but not always

Thanks, but it looks like I won't have to mess with the jumpers. I reinstalled Windows using a new XP CD and the graphics card worked.

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