I have seen a lot of talk about using ones laptop as a monitor to a desktop, and seeing as im considering buying a new desktop i started to think about this my self. i came up with a rather odd theory and was wondering if anyone has ever tried it. here it goes... pick up a vga to usb adapter on ebay. plug the vga end into the desktop's vga out. then plug the usb end into the desktops usb(in obviously). use a bit of software(unfortunatly sharware) called "usb over network" to access the desktops usb ports(specificly the one that the vga to usb cable is pluged into) on a laptop. then use a usb video capture program, like Debut, to accept input from the networed usb port. Has anyone tried anything like this before. like i said, the software is shareware so id like some other peoples viewpoints before i acctualy go and buy it, Thanks!


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first let me say im no expert ,but there is no video input on the[mine anyway] laptop therefor no way of doing what you want to do with the old dead laptop ,in my opinion,or if there is it would likely be cheaper to buy a new lcd monitor giving the cheap price of them now

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