Hey, my clock has not held time for months. After having to run Norton everyday to fix incorrect file dates I went out and bought a battery. I know I should join the 21st cenury and just go out and buy a G5 but I can just afford the battery right now.
Can anyone tell me if I can replace this easily? I am pretty handy with a tool, I just need some kind of instructions. Thank you.

hmm... I've never played with a G3 PowerMac, but if you have the battery already...assuming it's like the G4 Powermacs

I don't know how much you know about your computer's internals, but even if you just found out what a mouse does yesterday you do have one thing in your favor. Since you bought the replacement, you know what the battery looks like. :)

That's a good thing.

Step 1, open the side panel exposing the logic board.
Step 2, before touching anything inside the case, ground yourself either with a grounding wire, or by touching part of the metal frame of the case or metal on the power supply. (I live in Indiana and have never fried a component by grounding myself that way, but if you live in a drier climate you might be best to stick with the grounding wire.)
Step 3, identify location of battery. It should be housed in a little black box that doesn't have a lid so you can see the battery plainly.
Step 4, look at the logicboard on both sides of the battery you should see a plus and minus sign, if it's not there take extra care to note the direction the battery is facing.
Step 5, pop out the battery, on my G4 it was pretty stubborn and I had to pry it out, but again I don't know on the G3
Step 6, orient the new battery the correct way and push into position, on the G4 it went it fairly easily, but snugly.

Hope that's helpful


Yeah it's pretty easy to replace. Just pop out the old battery and pop in the new battery. Make sure the + and - match up correctly and don't break the plastic arms that hold the battery in place.