Hi all,

My laptop will simply not turn on. I took it to a friend and he had the same battery that I use and his battery worked on my laptop but would not charge. Thus, it can't be battery problems so I think it has to do with the DC input. I replaced the DC input with another one but that also did not do the job. Any other tips/advice?

Thanks in advance.

There are a lot of "ifs" in your post. The most noteable is the "iffy" power connector to your unit. Power connecters are usually reliable but will not last forever. It's obviously a connection that has failed to properly connect. The cable and/or the plug itself is bad.

sounds like the charging circuit is fried.
this would explain why a charged batt will work but will not charge and why yours is dead.
I assume it will not run off mains either as the mains input will usually run through the charging circuit before powering the the motherboard.
Fraid it sound like a new motherboard unless your a dab hand at circuit level repair