Hi, i have an asrock K7VM2 series motherboard. When i turn on my computer it will run fine with no problems, however, when i shut it down, i have to wait till it cools down before it will turn back on, for example, 30mins of it being on, will take 2 hours of it being off before it will turn back on again. It will restart fine aswell, as long as it does'nt shut down.
Where should i start when trying to fix this problem?

I would strongly suggest that you download and install the V1.9 BIOS update from

I'm unsure if that contains a fix for the problem, as only details of the most recent two upgrades are provided, but that certainly sounds like a problem that only a BIOS update would fix. Instructions for installing the update are linked on that page.

Follow them very carefully. A failed BIOS update will render your motherboard useless. You must not lose power to the PC while the update is being installed.

I updated my BIOS, but still get the same problem. Is there a way of disabling the temperature monitor or something?
Thanks for your help,

Maybe someone else will have a suggestion, but I'm not hopeful. I've come across a couple of motherboards which exhibited similar behaviour and they simply turned out to be duds, I'm afraid. If updating to the latest BIOS version didn't fix it then I really don't know what will.