I want to build my own PC that will work for DV Capture, ether through a TV Card or a Video Capture Card (don't mine ether way).

The problem I have is that I don't have much money, I have a PC but it is now so old I really don't see any point in trying to upgrade it.

I am going to use MandrakeLinux for the system.

Basicly what I want to know what is the minumum spec system I can build that will support DV quolity recording and works with Mandrake? If posible will you also sergest components that are cheap and reliable that fit the specification?

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Avoid using a Celeron. Obviously better processors give better performance, but if you really must go ultra budget an AMD Sempron will be better suited to the task than an Intel Celeron. Try for the best Athlon64 or Pentium 4 motherboard/processor combination you can fit into your budget.

Display card is not particularly important if you are not going to be gaming. An entry-level display card will be perfectly adequate.

The most important things to fit into the budget would be:

* Plenty of RAM. Try for 1Gb.
* Two hard drives. Video editing is far more efficient when the video files are stored on a separate drive.

I don't know about droppin' the Celeron out of the question. Depends on what the speed of the CPU is. The name doesn't mean crap... it's matters what it's through put is. I think a high end Celeron would work, but i'm not completely disagreeing with purchasing a pentium 4 or AMD either.

Take a look around, see what you can find.
Don't exclude the stereotyped underdogs! (Celeron)

I personally go for AMD through choice. I have to many bad experiances of Intel products.

well then, I guess it's a matter of preference. :P

I do alot of DV work. Go for EIDE Raid drives...
To not drop frames you really need to get the data to your storage quickly...

Older/slower P4 or AMD will work just fine...
Have both, use both, not that much difference
But the P4 is smoother....If you have the choice...

Get 512 megs of ram

Firewire card is a must...

I have used ATI as well as nvidia video and either will work fine.
Dont try to use an Onboard Video.... It just isnt the same...

Isn't USB2 faster than Firewire?

Depends on the source of the video. I have a USB2 Video Capture Device, since my laptop doesn't have any other port I had little choice. The problem was my harddisk isn't fast enough...

Well a celeron D 2.6Ghz performs way better then the older celerons and some old P4's

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