I have recently had to repartition, reformat, and QuickRestore my Compaq computer with Windows 98. (If you want, check out that thread in the Windows XP category.)

Everything seems to be working now, however I am having trouble installing the NETGEAR wireless router MA101 on my computer. Following the directions, I physically plug in the router after installing some software, just like it says to. However, this Plug&Play device does not "play" automatically when I plug it in. Even though I have tried to manually install the drivers (through the control pannel & "add/Remove hardware"), the WLANMONITOR and any other programs associated with the device do not load after restart.

Please help!!

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How are you connecting it? Wirelessly? Ethernet? USB? Are all three connection types available?

Sorry, the device is called the MA101 wireless network adapter

There is a "base" computer in the house to which the internet (Cable) is hardwired. That computer has the wireless router that sends out a signal to the MA101. The MA101, which receives the wireless signal, is connected via USB (hardwired) to my computer, which is in a separate room.

hope this helps...Before I had to reformat/restore my computer, the wireless network worked beautifully and had been running fine since I set it up ~18 months ago. I am sure that there is nothing wrong with the actual router (on the other computer) b/c there is a laptop in the house that can access the internet wirelessly fine.

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