Hi a long time user first time post' er here.
So i have a pendrive 2 years old been using it on my laptop for years and now it can't be

detected on my pc or laptop.:mad:
Recently my sister borrowed a pen drive(virus included) from her friend and use it on my

laptop, my antivirus wasn't successful on removing the virus, and i've been trying to fix

MY(not my sisters) pendrive ever since, tried using

-safe mode
-regedit : the one where we need to go to system\currentusb -> you can google this sorry.
-puppy linux
-format my pc -> plug and not detect :(
-tried on company PC

And none of it works , is there a link between the virus and the pendrive. The question

would be is there a virus that causes the pendrive not being able to be detected by my pc or

laptop.Really need help as i running out of idea,appreciate any help and thanks

:confused:may be it was damaged. what you think? is it ok?