Hello friends. I have some issues with installing my new GFX its a Leadtek A360 (5700 ultra GDDR3) AGP. I just put the thing on the slot, turn the pc on and nothing happens. I see the cards checksum screen and the PC checksum IRQ screen but the screen seems like its missing eveyother line. This is not Windows yet, this is DOS. I cannot even load into windows. My Board is ASUS A7N266-VM. Its AGP 4X and the card is AGP4-8X. I went into BIOS enabling the VGA adapter instead of the Onboard graphics and nothing. I went into windows, with the onboard graphics and from windows tried to install the card using the Software provided (lame i know) and said was unable to determine new hardware. Whats going on? Am I missing a jumper setting? The card is not working? Please help!

Supposedly the card is 4x-8x compilant

Perhaps more information is needed from my system (please hold the laughter)

AMD Athlon 2.4
768 MB DDR
Leadtek TV tuner card
250w power supply.
Windows 2003 Server

I just installed the card, plugged the Molex power cord to it and turned the system on. The screen thats looking akward is right at the point where you hit the power button. The checksum and the logo of the Leadtek card come on, then the motherboard checksum comes on (all this in DOS), then the logo for the windows loading (the progress bar from left to right) comes abd seems garbled, missing colors, pixels and such. And then when its time to load into windows, nothing... screen goes blank. I knew there was an issue with the card itself as the DOS screens I talked to you about are with a line missing everyother line troughout the screen. so the number 128MB looks like 120 (missing the line that run across the middle of the one, the two, the eight and the MB)

I'm so concerned as this never has happened before. The video card I'm using right now is the onboard nforce that came with the board and that performs flawless. I went into the BIOS, theres 4 settings i know have to deal with the card.
Graphics Video: I changed from onboard video to VGA Card
Theres a shared video memory setting (?)
Theres a Video aperture size (?)
there's another one I cannot remember.

Please help... I want to play BF2! :rolleyes:

One thing that im worried about, is that your PSU only has 250W. Your system might be under powered, try and see if that sould be a cause. I know 300W-400W is usually recommended.