Hello all,

My monitor has suddenly begun cutting completely off (no power at all) after a few minutes. (I have an old Optiquest V95, 19 inch)

When it cuts off, if I wait long enough (20 minutes or so) I can restart it.

What is wierd (and possibly irelevent) is that I can restart it immidiately if I unplug the power cord from BOTH the monitor and the outlet, and then plug it back in. It doesn't work if I only unplug from the monitor or only unplug from the outlet. Weird, eh?

Oh, one last thing. I'm still using the monitor (its the only one I have) to type this and try to research what the problem is, and the time the monitor works until it cuts off seems to be slowly going down. (don't have a huge sample size to judge this, however.)

any ideas? Should I cash out and get a new one?

thanks in advance,

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Hi mcsluggo,
from what you describe.. it sounds like the monitor is going bad..but before you rush out & get a new one... do ALL the following.
Use an extension cord to powerup your computer from another (different) house/wall outlet.
If that doesn't solve it..then..
Do a complete monitoR/video troubleshooting. You can use the charts at my website to guide you thru it..step-by-step.
Post back here with the results OR if you need more help.
Good Luck :)



You were correct, my old friend monitor set sail to the perpetual gardens <snif>

Thanks alot for the advice!


Hi again mcsluggo,
Sorry to hear th old monitor is kaput. :sad: May it RIP.
On the bright side.. you learned a new skill (re: troubleshooting) by using the charts.
Glad to be of help. :)
ps- Thanks for not "shooting the messenger".

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