So, when I boot, I get this:


Windows behind it still boots, but there is nothing on the screen but this.

As you can see, I already opened the entire thing, as the warranty is long gone, and I know pretty much about computers. I checked the cooling of the graphic card, which was ok, , tho I renewed the cooling pasta, but still, I get this screen.

If anyone has an idea, be sure to post it.

(HP Pavillion DV9000)

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Thats not a very useful pic ( needs a bit more light to focus or turn shake reduction on your camera).

When you boot up do you get any writing or logos on screen?
Have you tried hooking the machine upto a monitor? From the pic it looks like half the screen is missing.

- Let us know how it goes.



Using an external monitor doesn't show a thing. This screen is taken right after the push on the power on button, so, the first thing you see, and the last.

And, yes, it's like a half screen only, but it is like this.

I'll take a new picture when I put all back together.

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