Hi, a few days ago my wife's computer stopped at the black boot screen where it shows processor ram hd and so forth and stopped. I went in, turned it off, waited 10 seconds, then turned it back on and it was fine. Now last night she turned it on and it is again stuck there. So I turned it off waited turned it back on doesn't work. So I took it apart, cleaned it out, checked all connections nothing. Researching on here, I changed cmos jumper pin to clear cmos, now it comes up to HP INVENT screen where you can press f1 for bios ESC for boot order or f10 for recovery. None of which work. So (I am a techy) I ubnplugged everything. Leaving ONLY the video card, power, cpu, one stick of ram. Same thing won't go past boot screen. Thinking maybe this bios isn't recognizing the usb keyboard I dug out the original PS/2 keyboard plugged it in. The keyboard lights flash when its turned on but pressing keys doesn't do anything. Then I press numlock caps lock the lights don't come on.

I seen many other people with this problem but no solution. If it was a mother board bad I don't think it would come to the startup screen. I had 2 1gb ram chips in. I tried one at a time of each. improbable to have both ram go bad (no lightnign here just snow). So it's not ram, no HDD or DVD is plugged in(power or IDE/Sata) the ONLY thing is video card, board, cpu, keyboard... I unplugged the video card and used onboard video card. Does same thing with the exception the screen is wavy. Similar to a screen at the wrong refresh rate.

Any ideas would be helpful.

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power supply ,seen lots of psu that have problem booting a computer all the way ,bad caps in psu/or a short , try another psu !

I'll give that a try. Has to be power supply or motherboard. I thought if power supply was bad it wouldn't even boot. But I am thinking you may be right and that is cheapest to replace.

psu can give enough power to boot ,but not all the way to windows seen it dozens of times

Any results on this?? I just woke up to the same problem today. boots to the HP screen and stops. It's beeping faintly 10 times until it gets there.

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