Hi all:

I've been looking at these Jump Drives for awhile now. Has anyone have one of these and do they work as stated?



That's just a fancy name for a Flash drive.

I''m using Lexar's Jump Drives. They're regular flash drives. However, the reason I love them is that they are very rugged. I accidentally washed my Jump Drive for 30 minutes in the machine. When it came out, it smelled new and my data was intact....

Thanks Goldeagle:)

Hope this dosent sound like a dumb question but exactly how do these drives work? Is there software that has to be installed to copy files from my computer to the jump drive and to copy it to a friends computer etc. :?:

In Windows XP no software needs to be installed. You need the relevent Windows Updates installed so that USB works fine. The drives show up in 'My Computer' and can be accessed just like any other drive.

In Windows 98/Me device drivers need to be installed for USB thumbdrives, pen drives, jump drives or whatever other fancy name to work. Again, after installation the drives will show up in My Computer and be accessible as normal.

Thanks, simple enough :)

What about security issues when using these drives? ie: loosing the drive and preventing your files from being copied by another person?