Hi, I've came across this Compaq Presario PC that wont boot up. It's really the Motherboard that's faulty (ASUS A8M2N-LA). When power is applied it starts automatically without pressing the power button although it can be turned off by pressing and holding power button. When it's on the fans spin and nothing else happens; no boot, no screen, no beeps (it doesn't even beep without memory stick in it). I've tested the CPU and Memory with different motherboard and they work fine. I've also cleaned the Bios chips' pins. Does anyone knows if its fixable. Thank you very much.

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Well unless you know how to solder and find the exact chips that have gone bad.

And without looking at the motherboard I can't tell you which Chip, transistor, or circuit has gone bad.

If you don't know what I am saying, take it to a professional don't mess with it. If you still want to play with it, take it to a professional ask him/her what is wrong or take it to a Electrical engineering Major.

Hi finito and thanks for reply. I can solder, but after a very careful looking at it I can't really tell what's wrong, everything looks ok. All capacitors look fine, there are no signs whatsoever to my opinion. I wondered what equipment would be helpful here to test it; is there some kind of a capacitor tester(as they look al right but might not be) or should I get the motherboard tester card which I don't think will address to the actual problem other than stating it faulty. I actually wouldn't take it to the Electrical engineering Major as I'm tight financially at the moment. So hopefully by purchasing some sort of inexpensive equipment I would be able to fix it(and could use it on other MOBO's). If I can't fix it I would probably sell it as faulty. Thanks again and hope you'll guide me on this one.

Well, I never tried fixing a motherboard, usually they die on my when they become ancient so I see no reason to fix them.

But if you really want to fix it, I have to warn you it's only logical that if a fried chip is replaced it should start to work again. Another thing is availability some of the chips on your board maybe dinosaurs by now.

Now a mobo tester won't do you any good. I don't know of any tools that can check if a chip is working or not.

If I remember correctly the fried chip will be extremely hot to touch, try letting it run for 10-15 mins and checking which chip is hot, but be careful. when I say hot I mean skinburn hot.

Ok, will try, thanks!

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Hi I'm Mayoukh Dutta and I live in India...Sell it as a faulty or take it to a professional...Don't mess with the hardware if you don't know anything about it...Let me tell you a solution! Just try cleaning all the parts...I also had
a Compaq Presario and it's the model SG1118IL! It has been repaired around 50 times and at last, it's dead! It's working as usual but it can't be recognized by monitors or televisions! Then I consulted to a professional and he told me that it would take around rs. 3500 or 54 dollars or 38 pounds to repair it! And do you guys know what I did? I simply sold it as faulty and bought a new

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