Hi there, I'm new to the site and have been having a problem with my Presario 2500 laptop (Compaq). When I turn it on it starts up normal and all, I get the windows logo with the loading bar beneath it. As soon as it goes to switch screens to my main screen w/my wallpaper, shortcut, etc. I get no display at all, but still get the welcome music. I don't get it. Any ideas?

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Firstly, does explorer load when you log into safe mode?
If so, try the directions here.
If not, repair your windows installation using the directions here (its the last step of the first KB article anyway).

I can't even start up in safe mode. When I start up I get the Compaq screen, then it goes to a screen where I need to chose either 1, or Microsoft Windows Home edition, or press F8 to chose other options. None of these options or configurations of options work...

hello I'm new to the board. I am having trouble with my compac 2500 I cannot turn it on I try and all it does is flash the power light and then nothing if someone can help I would greatly appreciate it

I also have a Compaq Presario 2500 laptop doing exactly the same thing, so I'd be very interested in replies to this thread.... thanks

Try this option and let me know...
Take out your battery, plug removed and then press the power button of Laptop for almost a minute. Once done, re-install the battery, plug in the power supply and restart the laptop using the power button of the laptop.

All the best..hope this resolves your problem...
Ravi Sinha
Noida, India

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