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I have a older Compaq Presario which has been upgraded with two hard drives, 512 MB of RAM. IT is basic, however, one day while playing music in Windows Media player the computer froze and stopped playing. I rebooted the computer and since then (Feb.) the computer starts up with the Compaq screen, switches to the Windows XP screen and reboots. This process goes on over and over. I have already tried switched the primary and secondary jumper cables between the two hard drives making the older one the first to start up but the problem still persists. I am clueless as what to do next. Can anyone help me out?


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OK, like I always do I'll ask a few basic questions, other than the hard drive did you add any new hardware or install any new programs? Have you tried to boot it in safe-mode?

Hi, i believe that boot file system are damaged, try this, when starting the machine right after the compaq screen press F8 key and select from boot menu "safe mode" and if this work once in windows go to >>start>>accesories>>tools>> and run scandisk from there, that may fix some damaged files, then reboot and that should work, if not try using your windows disc, boot from CD and use the option repair windows, if that option does not appear on menu, you may have to reinstall all over again, in this cases i suggest to take your computer to a certified technician, because you may want to rescue some information from HD, before formatting and reinstalling the SO. i hope this help.


I have not tried to boot it in safe mode. I will try that and get back with you.

My Compaq Prasiro (S6000v) will not power-up. I've replaced the Power Supply but I have the same problem. When I press the "start Button" it responds for a few seconds, stop for a second, then repeats over and over until I press the button to stop it. It will not power on. Can anyone help?


I can help by suggesting that you not revive year and a half old threads, please create a new one and let this one die

The power went off in my neighborhood while my computer was on. When the power came back, all the equipment worked except the tower. I unplugged the power cord, replugged it, reset the surge protector, nothing.

What do you thing is wrong?

hi,i have a compaq presario v3000,,all off a suden screen went black out,just when u see very close u see somthing.could any one tell wich part went wrong so maybe i can order it and change it my self


i have a compaq presario and the keyboard wont work and the tower makes a funny noice

i have a compaq presario and the keyboard wont work and the tower makes a funny noice

hi,is that all that doesn't work ,the keyboard ?

as for the noise it could be a bad fan or a bad harddrive or dvd/cd rom making the noise

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