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I just bought a new 300gb WD velociraptor HDD, I opened up the box and to my surprise there where more than just the two plugs I was expecting, there is another plug with 8 pins and I'm not sure what I need to plug into it or even whether I need to use it at all.

Here are some pics of it, if anyone could tell me what I need to do with it that would be great (Sorry about bad picture quality, can't find my camera so I just used my phone)


Side View of HDD

Plug I'm not sure about:

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don't worry about it you don't need to use it .to my knowledge it a jumper pins set ,in case you use a ide to sata cable on the drive .

Yep... It's just a jumper block. Sometimes those are there to change certain functions, like SATA 1.5 operation, or to limit the capacity of a drive for compatibility reasons. Usually on a SATA drive you don't need to worry about them.

And they don't actually make IDE to SATA cables that would use those jumpers. Usually SATA to IDE adapters will just default the drive to Master, or Cable Select, if you can hook it to an IDE cable.

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