I'm trying to help a friend of mine out who lives on disability.

A couple wks ago the power flashed several times, my friend was on her pc during this & stated she couldn't shut it down in between cause it was flashing so quickly. Anyways, since then her pc won't come up. I had thought maybe a video issue since it sounded like it was loading & just not displaying....I plug'd it into another monitor & it did the same thing. Then, I brought it home to mess with it....I had it on Friday to where it finally showed me that the system files were corrupted. I got the info from Microsoft on how to repair that.....yet, the pc wouldn't boot from cd no matter what. It showed it...even asked if I wanted to boot from cd but then would just reboot. This morning....it won't do anything. When you turn it on....the power just like cycles. Fan runs just a few seconds then it restarts....

I've unplug'd all the components (just power plugs), still does same thing. I haven't removed the modem card..... I'm at a loss lol

Thanks to anyone with any ideas what to try.


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I haven't removed the modem card.

if you are referring to a dial up modem,remove it ,it could have gotten damaged by the power serge

I fig'd it out. It had a 2nd fan mounted on the back of the case, unplug'd it....it came up to point for me to be able to fix the corrupted system files. Knew it was acting like something was down.....


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