Hi, can anyone please help me. I'm so not technical, just use my sony vaio notebook for email and invoicing my clients. About two weeks ago the screen started freezing so I would reboot it, or remove battery and power plug overnight and reboot. Then after a few times of doing this i started getting blue or red vertical lines on the screen when starting.

I would hit the key that said starting normally or sometimes would go onto next stage that said something like "more advanced options"....sometimes the laptop would work and sometimes not. Somehow I've managed to hit vaio wizard recovery and it has gone through the whole process but now I'm left without any of my documents or files - no outlook express or any desktop items. Help! Are these gone for good or is there any chance of me restoring/finding them? Appreciate any help I can get as I'm very distraught.

Hello debgrumpy, good day. :)

I'm afraid that all your files has been deleted already although you can use some softwares to recover it. But I'm not 100% sure if you can still recover what you're looking.

Take care and God bless. :)