I have a soyo kt600 mobo amd athlon 2500+ cpu w/heatsink 2 ddr ram @ 256mb and a ATI radeon video card PCI slot. everything turns on, but nothing on display will not post. mobo light turns on and is solid. ps everything is new

I also have a pcchips k7 mobo w/amd spheron spu w/heatsink and dual ddr333 ram cards, mobo comes with vga. this one turns on but no post nothing on display monitor reads no signal and only hear 3 beeps silent then 3 beeps. also everything is new out of box.

I have swapped mix from both cpu's and mobo but both same no signal no post. :-| PLEASE HELP. :-|

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Have you read the pinned topic at the top of page in this section, and followed the suggestions there?

Post back here and let us know how you go after following the steps outlined in that article.


Yes I Did And Followed All The Instructions, 1st Pc Only Turns On But No Beeps 2nd Pc Beeps 3 Times Then Silent And Then 3 Times Again, Both Have No Signal To Monitor.

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