Last Night (12-30-09) My PC got a Blue Screen of Death and restarted. I got the First Blue Screen of death while watching Adultswim Video. When the Computer Restarted It got to the Windows Vista log-in screen and then Blue Screened a second time, but froze before it restarted. I did a Hard Reboot turning off my Power and turning it back on after 5 Minutes.

The Computer turns on but I get no video signal, the Mouse and Keyboard do not work. The CD drive still responds to open/close switch, and the Fans all still work, including the one on the Video Card ( Nvidia 9600overclocked OT ).

I read on here similar problems and tried to do the barebones thing.
I removed my Videocard ( Motherboard has a built in card. ) Sound Card both Memory Sticks ( conair 1gig each ) and place a single stick into the closest slot.

It started up and got all the way to Windows. I logged in and it seemed to be running fine. I shutdown windows and when the PC was off I put the other stick of Memory in. This time the PC didnt start up at all, no BIOS, beeps, nothing. Fans still working cd tray working. I took out the stick again thinking mybe it was that stick but now the PC wont start at all.


This is the PC. The only thing I have added to it is the Nvidia Card, a Belken Wireless card and a pair of cheap Logitech speakers.

Any Ideas? If Its just a busted Mother Board Im not too upset at having to replace that, Ive never had to put in a new Motherboard before so it might actully be fun to play with for the first time ( sept for the $100-200 pricetag.. ). I wouldnt mind learning how to play with the BIOS ether. All new stuff to learn.

But first please help me FIX my PC if It can be fixed!

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Your link was dead.

I would look at cooling issues. Does this machine start after sitting for an hour or so? Or is it not starting at all now? Fans all running?

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