i got o problem with starting my freinds hi-grade notebook Laptop. i recently reprogrammed xp home back on there for her and everything worked fine. except it kept saying virtual memory too low so it would adjust settings and when it did so it froze the internet. so in my own missjudgement i tried and reset the agp aperture in the bios from 64 to 128 and it didnt improve things and so then i tried the setting 256 thinking well didnt do no harm with the last setting whats the worst that could happen ? well blank screen. so then tried to get back into bios and that didnt come up either. so then tried the take latop battery out method but that didnt work.so then tried plugging into monitor through vga port and that didnt work. so then tried the bat on motherboard removeall for a day and that didnt work. so then tried with hard drive removed and ram removed just to see if it would let me into the bios so i could just change the setting back that caused all this. even tried with xp disk in as well just in case, but still didnt work. some one must know how to get into motherboards without having to send laptops back to there suppliers, Please is there anybody that help ??
Thanks a lot for your time in reading this even if you cant help :(

has now reset as i took out motherboard batt and laptop batt and harddrive and ramm all at same time and left out for an hour and all is reset now thanks anyway