Well what happened is I bought a used computer that was better then my moms....It was a desktop case, but the motherboard was compatible with my tower case. So I installed the used computers motherboard into my moms case and as soon as I plugged it in I got a spark sound and a puff of white smoke. I doubled check to make sure it wasn't a PSU problem and it wasn't. So i realized that I fried the mobo and I might as well install the old one back in the system. I put everything back the way it was except for the LEDS and SWITCH cables because i wasn't quite sure on where they go. So i knew where the power switch connector went so I put it in and turned on the computer, everything was working fine. Fans running, mobo lights flashing. But I wasn't getting a video signal.
So....after talking to my computer engineering teacher, he gave me some suggestions to try to see why it might not be working. Firstly the RAM. I checked every stick of RAM I had on a compatible computer to see if it was the Ram that might be causing the problem, but it wasn't. The second idea he gave me is that it might be the PSU. I told him that it was brand new and that it had worked before this incident, but he insisted that I check the voltages to see if they were correct. I was a little worried at first to check the voltages with a multimeter so i just put in another working PSU and nothing happened. So i eliminated that idea. I had an idea that the monitor might have been gone but i tested the monitor on different computers and it worked. Then there was the thought that it might be the video card, so i replaced it with another video card...same thing.....This computer did work before......

Well if anybody is still reading this, and has not giving up after reading my dilemma...please give me a hand..... If you need any info let me know....


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If it didn't take it out introducing the hdd to the chipset of another motherboard could corrupt the OS.


so whats my best bet with the hdd???......could i put in a crappy hdd that had 2.0 gb capacity that is just sitting in my desk drawer with any operating system on it???


ok.....well i put in a crappy hdd...that i don't use anymore and it still doesn't turn on.


So let's see what we got.

1.Power supply was illiminated.

2.The video card you put in was a known working video card.Nothing.

3.monitor works.

4.Not hdd.

Does this board have a onboard Video also?

If so take out the adaptor and try it that way.

also replace your ribbon cables to the HDD.

will this computer go into BIOS?

make sure the memory slots are clean and memory contacts and seated good same with any other adaptors you have.

if you changed any jumpers put them back the way they was.


If you have the installation disc with the product code for your OS wipe the hdd and reinstall the OS. Use a utility like WipeDrive to wipe it. This makes a CD that you boot from. Do this with the computer that you are working on, not on another.


Concerning what titan said.......

there is no onboard video, no changed jumpers, changed the hdd ribbon, and i cannot get into the BIOS.....i am not getting any video what so ever...the memory slots are as clean as a whistle and the ram in securly in place.

DCC...you say i should try to wipe the hdd clean....but i cannot get into anything to wipe the hdd.

Juts to add some more info...i checked the processor to see if it was in correctly....the only thing i have had trouble with thus far...is putting the cables/switch LEDS in the right spot....i manged to 4 of the 5 cables in but i cannot find out where the HDD LED goes....i read the manual to see where they go but they dont show where the HDD led goes


As long as the power is plugged in from the button it is all you need the leds just let's you know they are working.try turning the power leads from the button around switching sides.Know what i mean?


ASUS P3B-F........concerning the leds and switches....do you mean that i take out all the cables....put in the power switch then turn it on?? so that the only cable is the power switch so that it will turn on if it is a cable mix up??? Well if that is what you mean then I have already tried it and it didn't work


If it's the OS you will be able to boot from the CD, go into the BIOS and set the CD-ROM as the first boot device. If you can't do this then your problem isn't the hdd.


Ok.....I cannot get any screen on the monitor what so ever....the screen is black.....im not getting a BIOS, nor a loading screen...there is no video what so ever.......that is the problem....


ok so i solved the problem....i pulled out all of the PCI cards and turned on the computer it worked....

So, i had to figure out which card it was...i put them in one at a time...

first the Sound Card..still good

Then the USB 2.0 Adapter..still good

Lastly...the Ethernet Card....UH OH.....No video

Problem solved

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